Rediscover Your Shine

What If You Could Remove All The Limiting Beliefs & Fears, Own Your Identity In Christ And Become Kingdom Warrior Boss You Were Called to Be?

Is This You?

  • You have a heart and a mission to impact people’s lives,
  • you know God has called you to serve in the marketplace
  • You are an expert at what you do and your past clients are testament to this
  • You have the systems, the marketing strategies, and you know who you are called to serve

But despite the strategies, courses you invested in and number of coaches you’ve hired, it feels like you keep hitting your head against a wall and it’s frustrating how you cannot scale your business to 5-10K+ months.

I get it and I know what it is like to have a vision and knowing God has called you, but you are struggling to grow your business.

The reason you’re stuck at $1-3K p/m ($12,000- 36,000 per year) isn’t that you don’t know what actions to take.

You know what to do yet you spend hours and hours working without the result you want.

The real problem is that self-doubts, fears, overwhelm, emotional and money blocks are stopping you from consistently doing those things that will get you to $100,000 ($8,000+ p/m) .

                                                                   But there is a silver lining………

Rediscover Your Shine

Rediscover Your Shine is an 10 weeks 1:1 Intensive that helps ambitious Christian entrepreneurs like you to become aware, and release/overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back from creating success in your business, and you align your thoughts, feelings/emotions, and actions with your subconscious beliefs and in alignment with God’s words so you can create the business and life you want.

This is for you if you have been stuck at 1-3k per month ($12,000- 36,000 per year) and want to finally have that breakthrough to $100k ($8,000+ p/m) within the next few months to a year.

Using biblical principles for success to renew or transform your mind, written exercises, guided conversations, CBT, Inner Child Healing, DISC Personality tool, Emotional Healing that is in alignment with God’s words to heal your emotions, and mindset coaching to uncover and release the core beliefs and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in your business, and give you the practical steps to grow your income and attract your dream clients.

Using my Triple A Formula (Awareness, Alignment & Action), over 10 weeks we’ll do the following together:


Before we begin our journey together, you will first learn how to do business with God.

We start looking at  what Kingdom Driven entrepreneurship is. We will talk about Kingdom Values & Priorities, partnering with God in your business, growing intimacy with God, align with Kingdom Identity and authority, and being led by His spirit.

1. 6 Figure Version:

I KNOW you’re good at what you do, but the only reason other people don’t know is because you are hiding in the shadows and watered yourself down so hard to be approved, validated, and liked and so you and your dream clients are on the opposite side of the mountain.

Our work together bridges that gap so you can have the audacity to show up and be yourself and speak your mind. You can’t scale until you’ve unleashed your Warrior Boss. The one with thoughts and opinions and genius that he/she needs to get out into the world.


Because when that person comes out to play….he/she comes out with a magnetic presence that is attractive to money, clients and abundance.                         

2. Uncovering Your Story:

In these sessions we’ll looking at situations that have brought up an emotional charge in you, that is the beginning of your journey to go deeper and discover the root cause behind your emotional fear or negative beliefs. Usually your fears and core beliefs are a result of holding onto a fear or pain from the past and is therefore sabotaging the way your business.

We will working on resolving or letting go of past disappointments, hurts and completing the past you can fully embrace the vision God has placed in your heart. You will experience true forgiveness which enables you to create from a place of love and wholeness.

(This is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of our journey, which is also the part that is hard to do on your own, because you might not be able to see beyond your perception and find the root cause, know what to do when the fear is running in you and guide yourself to release it.  

3. Disconnect and Release

I will guide you to disconnect and release your old unresolved emotions and untrue beliefs. Using my 3 step process based on biblical principles, you will identify your core beliefs that are stopping you from being visible, charging your value and doing what will make a real difference in your business and then release and replace them with empowering beliefs.

(This is very powerful as you begin to release money and success blocks that have been stopping you for so many years, experience breakthrough on a deeper level as the power of God transform you from the inside out.)

4. Kingdom Identity and Authority

Self-doubt, fears, and lack of confidence is a result of not knowing who you really are, not on a surface level, but on a deeper level. Now that you have identity the lies and have begun your journey to reclaiming your identity (the secret to confidence is identity), we continue our journey of experiencing healing and breakthrough by going deeper into reclaiming your true identity in Christ which empowers you to experience healing and massive breakthrough.  

You will begin to see yourself as how God sees you and for who you are. The way you see yourself and how you show up will naturally begin to shift giving way to the Kingdom Warrior Boss you were called to be.

You will begin to stand in your kingdom authority as a son of God and claim the authority and dominion Christ has given you.

3.1 We will work on identifying areas where you might not feel as confident and bold as you would want to be and using my Confidence Formula, we will disarm any internal dialogues and outside influences that rob you of your confidence. You will learn to show up as your confident self in any situation.

5. Biblical Alignment:

After you reclaim your identity, you will learn to come in alignment with God’s vision for your life and business and through having a deeper relationship with God, applying biblical principles to your life and business, you will begin to see a manifestation of the goals and dreams God has placed in your heart. 

You will come in alignment with God’s best for your life and allowing God to bring into your life what you want and desire.

6. Discover The Gifts:

We will work on discovering your gifts hidden in the pattern of struggle. And then leveraging your story in your marketing and how you work with clients through further exploration, which makes your work incomparable. Naturally, the person who will most benefit from your help will begin to emerge more clearly and how to serve them.

7. Uncovering Your Unique Strengths and Gifts:

By this point, you will have connected the dots to see how your inner landscape is creating your (lack of) results with your big dream. Now I will help you to understand your unique strengths and challenges when it comes to money and doing business using DISC Personality Assessment tool, and then design your business based on who you are at your core.

This is where we go deep into the strengths and challenges of your personality and bring more alignment, ease, and profit to your business (instead of fighting against yourself as we often do).

8. Vision:

We then focus on the future by helping you to get crystal clear on what it is that you really want. Because of your doubts and fears, you’ve never been fully in touch with your real needs, desires, or dreams. But, now that we’ve done the work of clearing up your past, now we can spend time on what life is going to look like for YOU Version 2.0!

your doubts and fears, you’ve never been fully in touch with your real needs, desires, or dreams. But, now that we’ve done the work of clearing up your past, now we can spend time on what life is going to look like for YOU Version 2.0!

Imagine You Didn't Have The Limiting Beliefs & Fears......

You would questioning yourself and finally rise above your self-doubts

You would show up as you are and pursue your dreams unapologetically without the expectations of others holding you back.

You would live the life and have the business you know you can attain without self-sabotaging your success

You would finally feel unstoppable and become the Kingdom Warrior Boss God called you to be

You would break the shackles of your disempowering money beliefs and finally experience the success, prosperity, and wealth you God desires for you.

You would step into the spotlight by sharing your gift and owning your value.

You would stop procrastination, people pleasing and take consistent actions without perfectionism holding you back.

You would silence the inner critic and amplify your confidence

What You get

In this program, based on my CBT training, DISC Profile Assessment training, Psychology, Mindset training especially around emotional wounds and childhood trauma, you get

  • 10×60-90mins 1-1 weekly coaching calls
  • Unlimited support between meetings

  • Daily small task to complete along with personalize self-care plan so you can start feeling abundant, excited and energize.

  • You’ll receive personalized resources that you’ll keep and be able to use for the life of your business.

  • Holy Spirit-Led Coaching Sessions –
    The process I will take you on to heal and step into the Warrior Boss version of you is everything I needed when I first started coaching and struggling with self-doubts, fear and insecurities. I am here to lead, to hold your hand and to offer that shoulder when you cry. I am on a mission to bring Jesus into the marketplace…. and wants you to be equipped to do the same!

In order to get the best results from this program you must:

Already be into personal development, like reading books, watching videos, or worked with another Coach or Counselor before.

Be open to prayer during sessions to invite God in our midst, the use of biblical principles as part of healing the wounds and releasing the blocks


Be a go-getter, extremely determined and focused. 

Experience working with clients and helping them get results, and know who your ideal client is.


Open to try new things, to get out of your comfort zone, and do things differently.


Willing to explore conversations that may bring about uncomfortable emotions (because then we can deal with them in a safe environment).

Past Clients Results

C had the expertise and the experience to help her clients get massive results.

  • Despite of her expertise, she never felt good enough and so her self-doubts affected her results in terms of attracting clients consistently.
  • We uncover her deepest fears and where it was coming from, and then using my 3 step process she was able to release the fear of not being good enough.
Result: As a result of our work together, C started enrolling new clients and attracting speaking gigs

G came to me because after 1 year of working with a coach, she wasn’t feeling aligned to what she was doing and her messaging.
  • She had very little confidence in herself to attract clients.
  • We dialed in on her perfect client, what she wanted to do
  • I helped her to release the fears and self-doubts that were blocking her  from seeing who she wanted to work with, and keeping her stuck in information mode.
  • Which then gave way to her authentic and powerful self.
Result: She posted one offer that was directed to her ideal client which resulted in a 5 persons putting their hands up that they want to work with her.


The investment for Rediscover Your Shine 1-1 program is a low 4 figure investment ($1497), which is small and a no-brainer when you think about what becoming a six-figure entrepreneur will mean for you.  

And if you should continue doing what you have been doing will only lead to more frustration, resentment and overwhelm, not to mention wasting your money on another course or program. 

Payment plans available


2x Monthly Planning Session and Prayer.

Another Client Result

L came to me because she was attracting the wrong clients (people that wanted discounts and free coaching, plus toxic family members and friends who just wanted things from her because she felt as if she had to ‘parent’ everyone.
  • Classic people pleaser.
  • Her self-worth was based on being nice to others, had very poor boundaries and was feeling very frustrated.
  • She had a hard time saying no to people for fear of offending them and so she abandoned herself, dreams, desires to make other people happy.
  • She never felt worthy and deserving of the same thing she was giving to other people.
Result: After working together, she regain her self-worth, raised her coaching price and immediately enroll a new client at that new price.
She established strong boundaries and using her gift to build relationship and build her tribe.