How Your Emotions Are Sabotaging Your Success

Most entrepreneurs would agree that emotions influence how a person buys or run their business. But most underestimate how much influence our emotions have on us to the point that they might think they are not making a decision based on emotions, but base on logic.

Most entrepreneurs would agree that emotions influence how a person buys or run their business. But most underestimate how much influence our emotions have on us to the point that they might think they are not making a decision based on emotions, but base on logic.

But that is not true. And research has proven this. According to Herbert Simon, an American Nobel Laureate scientist, emotions influence or determine the outcome or how we make decisions each day in our career, business, or personal life.

You remember that program you invested in because you thought it would helped you with marketing? At the time you thought you were making a logical decision, but it was totally influenced by your emotion.

Even when you think you are making a rational decision, you are still making a decision based on emotions and then we quickly rationalize it or justify it using logic.

Emotions are basically how you feel.

Your emotions influence what you post on social media, what videos you watch on YouTube, how you show up in your business, how you close sales, what programs you create, what you purchase on Amazon and so on.

We are always making decisions. Every second of the day we are making another decision.

Where you are in your business today is a result of thousands of decisions you’ve made overtime. What happens then when you decisions are based on emotions like

Shame and guilt?

Or fear of success?

The truth is emotions by themselves are neither good nor bad, they are naturally good, but it is our emotional response that is the problem.

Your emotional response when a client is about to invest $10,000 into your program. Your emotional response when a prospects says no to your offer.

So if emotions are so powerful, what shapes our emotional responses?

Glad you asked!

How you respond to events or circumstances in your life are based on core beliefs that we have. Beliefs are simple ideas or stories we tell ourselves that then become the foundation on which we live our lives.

For example if you have a negative belief about yourself, that you are not good enough, then when a prospective client or customer says no to your offer, you are going to feel rejected and it might negatively affect your next call, to the point of you being afraid of getting on future sales calls.

Our emotions influences our decisions whether good or bad.

When I am working with a client as a part of one of my programs, one of the main thing we work on is identifying the core belief behind the emotion they are experiencing.

For example:

Maybe you experience anxiety when you are about to jump on a call with prospect.

Or you experience guilt after receiving money from a client

Or fear when you about to hit a new income goal so you step into survival mode which leads to procrastination, or other form of sabotage which then keeps you stuck unable to breakthrough your next income goal.

There is a core belief that is behind these emotions you are experiencing. And that is what we need to identify and then change it to one that is empowering.

And that is where your emotions comes in.

Let me explain. Your emotions are your friend. They are giving you feedback to what is going on internal, giving you clues to your internal beliefs so you can change them if they are not serving you.

That belief that is behind your negative emotional responses are shaped by an experience or few similar experiences you had when you were a child (or older).

The truth is that the younger version of you e.g. 7 year old YOU who saw her mother being told that a woman’s job is in the home and she should not work but take care of the home and kids, and that version of you who saw her mother sacrificing her dreams and not stepping into her power for fear could be sitting in the driver’s seat of your life right now.

That experience or series of experiences created a belief which came cemented with an emotional response.

(Experience which form a belief. Our beliefs creates our thoughts. Our thoughts creates our emotions. Our emotions then leads to our behavior/actions)

That is why now you are either:

1. Grinding really hard in your business because you feel as if you have something to proof. That you can be a successful woman with her own business, in charge of your own schedule and life, and at the same time be a parent and wife.

You tell yourself that you are a progressive woman who is building an empire. But the truth is you are afraid of not shining your light, afraid of being silence, afraid of not being able to speak your truth.

You are afraid of becoming your mother because you hate her for dimming her light and you tell yourself you will never be that woman.


2. You have your own online business but you are struggling to succeed. Your clients are getting really great results, but you can’t seem to breakthrough your current income level and take your business and income to the next level.

You feel like there is an invisible glass ceiling stopping you and you don’t really know why you are struggling in your business.

The reason is that your old belief: the belief that a woman should not be financially successful and depend on a man, is running the show.

That is why you struggle to make more money and experience guilt and fear around making more money.

You might tell yourself that it is okay for you to make more money, for example 10k per month, but we all know that what you say consciously is not running the show, but your internal beliefs are what is in control here.

That is why when I am working with my clients we identify the emotions they are experiencing e.g. guilt, shame, fear etc. And then we spend some time looking at the stories and experiences driving that/those emotion(s).

The result is phenomenal

Clients have been able to double their coaching fee

Stop working for free and start charging

Put themselves out there after many years of hiding in the shadows

And so on….

I don’t take credit for their results as they are the ones that have to show up to the sessions and do the work, I am just their guide. The one to help them understand that they are powerful beyond measure.

If you like similar results, I would love to partner with you in my 7 weeks private coaching program Rediscover Your Shine.

Working on identifying what’s driving your emotional decisions is just one of the few things we work on together. Learn more about my private 1-1 program here.