Reclaim Your Identity Through Christ in the Marketplace

Something I see happening with a lot of Faith-based entrepreneurs is that they have lost a sense of who they are. They have lost their true identity and have replaced it with what the marketplace, other people, or their personal experiences says about them.

3 Step Process To Eliminate Negative Beliefs About Yourself and Accept Your True Identity

All of us at some point in our lives have been plagued by limiting beliefs about ourselves and what we can do. And that is okay. But what is not okay is to allow these limiting beliefs to stop us from reaching purpose when…

Pricing Your Offer: Why It’s Not The Right Time To Raise Your Prices

When is the best time to raise your prices? Why are you finding it so difficult to sell your offers at your new price? What most business coaches don’t teach you about raising your prices?

What Happens When You Heal Your Trauma and Emotional Wounds

For many years I struggled with self-doubts, fear, and with the belief that I wasn’t good enough. I believed that I was a failure, I couldn’t succeed and no one would ever love me or even be my friend.

How Your Emotions Are Sabotaging Your Success

Most entrepreneurs would agree that emotions influence how a person buys or run their business. But most underestimate how much influence our emotions have on us to the point that they might think they are not making a decision based on emotions, but base on logic.

Self-Sabotage: How Our Beliefs and Assumptions Stops Us From Growing Our Business

All of us have goals and dreams, especially if you are an entrepreneur who felt the call to serve in the marketplace. But having goals or knowing exactly what we want is just part of the success equation.

Struggling With Impostor Syndrome? How to Finally Overcome Impostor Syndrome

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs that struggle with Impostor Syndrome. This is one of the biggest problems that stop or hold many entrepreneurs back from starting or even scaling their businesses…..