INVITATION TO WORK WITH ME IN A 1:1 60 DISC Profile Assessment & Coaching

I have a life-changing offer for coaches, consultants and professionals who are ready to stop playing it small, become the leader they were called to be, and show up powerful as their authentic and confident self in business or in their career.

Introducing: Authentic You DISC Behavioral Coaching

NB: This is our first part of my Rediscover Your Shine private coaching program

In one 60-minute Coaching Session, we do the following:
☑️ We will look at what your unique superpowers, strengths are as a coach or entrepreneur in the marketplace and how you can stand out in the marketplace.
⚫️Stop trying to swim in a crowded pond and own swim in your own open ocean
☑️ I will be walking you through your result and how you can leverage your DISC style to build your business, show up as your authentic self.
☑️ I will you to identify your blocks and sabotages. We will look at patterns and beliefs that are now sabotaging your success and are preventing you from fully stepping up and fulfilling the unique contribution you as a Kingdom Boss are here to make.
☑️ You will identify or get more clarity on who it is that is a match for your gift and who you love working with and how to attract them.
☑️ Learn how to identify other DISC styles and why they buy. This will be most effective when on a sales call. You can then adapt your approach to that person style/personality
☑️ You will get clear on why you are showing up the way you are, even if it is self-abandonment or people-pleasing or perfectionism or procrastination, or maybe you overgiving, or why you just don’t feel aligned to the strategies you are using or how you do business.
☑️ Get clear on what is really driving you. For example, many coaches from a DISC motivational perspective, money is low ranking when it comes to values, but they are driven by others, for example, Freedom and Harmony.
⚫️Without knowing this, many coaches allow their other drivers to run the show and wonder why they are not making the amount of money they want to make but are experiencing internal resistance/pushback and struggling even though they are working very hard.
☑️ Finally, you will walk away with your next few steps to attract your dream clients and build your business.
⚫️You don’t need to play to your weakness anymore or self-sabotage. It is time to connect to your true, authentic, and powerful self. The Warrior You! The YOU that shows up as his/her authentic and powerful self. The YOU that your clients have been searching for.
The YOU that is dying to come out as he doesn’t want to hide or play it safe anymore.
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐞
  1. Detail profile report
  2. 1x60mins Coaching Call tailored to your DISC profile result
1 follow up 30mins call
1-week unlimited message through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for me to answer all your follow-up questions
If you are interested in this offer, please send me a message on Facebook Messenger and ask about DISC profile and coaching. We will have our coaching call schedule.