Release feeling of unworthiness and not good enough to grow your business and income faster
Connect to your most authentic, confident and powerful self, tap into your most powerful gift and rise up as the warrior you were born to be.
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Hi I’m Eston, a Transformational Coach devoted to helping Christian Coaches & Service Base Entrepreneurs become more confident by healing their childhood trauma & emotional wounds of unworthiness and not good enough.

If you are struggling with attracting your dream clients who have the money to pay you and say yes to your offer; ready to step boldly and confidently in your business (and in life) as your authentic self without apologizing, then  I am ready to serve you.

Does This sound familiar...?

  • You feel as if self-doubt is pulling the reigns, whispering the lie that you don’t have what it takes to be in business and to bring in more than enough money to support you or/and your family.
  • Fear has blinded you to your own gifts and talents and stopped you from using your voice (online and in person) to share your message and speak your truth.
  •  You hide out because you believe “you’re not expert enough” so you don’t put your services out there so clients can find you.
  •  You struggle when it comes to having money conversation and even experience guilt and anxiety when receiving money from clients.
  • You often discount your services or give them away for free because you can’t see the value you’re offering (hello self-worth).
  •  You are struggling with the feeling of unworthiness and not good enough
  •  You keep jumping from one thing to the next whether it is a new niche, marketing strategy, course, or coach
  •  You worry that you don’t know enough to be in business so you spend copious amounts of time (and money, and energy) taking online courses—unintentionally creating an expensive course hobby instead of a profitable business?
The most important question Now Is: are you finally ready to free yourself from the shackles of fear and limiting beliefs so that you can take charge of your life and business?

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Who Is Your Coach?

Founder and Coach at Kingdom Warrior Boss Intl

Eston Swaby .

Hey Kingdom Warrior Boss!

Eston Swaby is the CEO & Founder of Kingdom Warrior Boss International, a Certified DISC Consultant, Certified Success Principles Trainer with Jack Canfield, Transformational Coach and an author.

Eston is passionate about helping Christian Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers and Professionals to stop letting fear and self-doubt hold them back from making more money, and bringing more of what they want into their lives.

We do this by healing their childhood trauma and emotional wounds. As a result of owning their worth and knowing they are good enough, they will break with:
People pleasing
Impostor Syndrome
And Money fears